Laurieri are a family owned Italian bakers specialising in the production of high quality Italian biscuits and snacks which have been successfully acclaimed worldwide.

Offering both sweet and savoury options we bring you a whole range of products, each available in different flavours and sizes.

Our savoury range includes; Scrocchi, Crespini, Grissini, Mini-Grissini, Taralli, Bruschette., while our sweet range includes classics such as Cantucci and Amaretti as well as other favorites including; Frolletti, Frollini, Quadrotti, Ciokkini, Limoncelli, Nocciolato.

All of our products conform to strict quality and control standards, including ISO 9001, IFS, BRC Certificated, Sedex and AEO.

All Laurieri products are also certified Halal and Kosher (OU) and Vegan.

We’re committed to bringing you yummy, quality snacks, providing exceptional value for all the family. Over the years we’ve built our own brands into products our customers have come to know, enjoy and love and we’re not stopping there.

We’re always on the look out for new innovate snack products to bring to market, including those we distribute.