Sometime products are born out of imagination, sometimes they’re born out of necessity but the Mini Classics range was a stroke of genius, a lightning bolt out of the blue!

We’ve taken the classics and turned them into a bite size snack. No longer will you have to take a whole tube of custard creams to work or repack them for your kids school lunch bag. Simply buy a multi pack and take out a snack pack of bite sized mini classics. There’s no need to worry about the rest of them losing their crunch as they’re packed in snack packs.

Current classics include; Custard Creams and Bourbons (more to follow). Simply genius!

We’re committed to bringing you yummy, quality snacks, providing exceptional value for all the family. Over the years we’ve built our own brands into products our customers have come to know, enjoy and love and we’re not stopping there.

We’re always on the look out for new innovate snack products to bring to market, including those we distribute.